Sunday, June 3, 2012

Rest, stretch, resistance

With the Guitar Festival behind me, I have some time and today I'm resting.

My legs feel good, the knee pain is gone and I have a tinge of healthy soreness from my near all-out sprints yesterday in the new Pumas.

My weight is up a bit as expected but not bad.   142.4 lbs before a 'carb dinner' of left overs and rum cake. I managed to not gain too much weight by limiting myself to the evening meal and nothing else.

Yesterday at the track, I felt a little weak in terms of conditioning, but I ran plenty fast.   The 12.5 100s were approximate, but I started with blocks reacting to a beep from my timer and I most definitely beat the 13 sec. beep when crossing the finish line.  Also, not at 100% effort.

I need 2 good quantity endurance workouts this week.  Probably will do 500s or something on Mon and Wed.   I may try running at night on the track after dark since there is enough peripheral light to illuminate the track from the adjacent roads and parking lots   I can't do anything Tues because of a concert I'm attending and Wednesday, I'm playing in a concert at 7 pm.   Afterward, when it gets cool, I'll hit the track  at 9 or 10 pm.  

I'm still #2 in the Masters Rankings in the M50 400m as the 'masters season' gets under way.  The spurious leading time of 53.6(h) has disappeared.

Feeling pretty lazy right now.

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