Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Recovery and track stuff

Still too early to tell about this injury.  Definitely healing quickly.  I did an easy 5 mile bike ride today with no pain - a big improvement from this early morning where it hurt a little to walk.  Now, with lots of hot tub, gentle massage, heat balm, and a tight neoprene wrap ... it feels much better.  Still hurts when I press the affected area.  I would be surprised to not see some black n' blue trauma by the weekend.  

If I do run again this season, the Nationals are actually longer than 7 weeks away.  The 400m prelims are Aug. 2, that's 7 weeks from Thurs.   I hope to run the TN State meet which is 4 weeks from Sat - 7/14.   If I do the TN meet, I may run the 800m and/or the 400m.   I will still be training and rehabbing at that point.  

Like last time I injured myself, I've taken the opportunity to eat the forbidden foods... bread, potatoes, chips, and all that stuff.   But I'm still hanging about 145 lbs.   I hope to burn some calories this week on my bike, walking the stadium stairs, weights, and swimming.  Optimistically, I could return to the track in a week for some easy 800s, but that might be pushing it.  This injury still needs assessment.

In the world of Track and Field ... another big name sprinter returned to action:

Tyson Gay ran his first 100m race in a year: 10.00   No problems or injuries for him.   He was really nervous about racing again after hip surgery.  I can relate to that.   It is psychologically difficult to race knowing that part of your body may fail and break.  I can imagine that's what it will feel like to run the 100m again.   


  1. I must question the extent to which you are using 'heat' in your 'rehab' this early.

  2. Ice for 24 hrs.

    It's healing well. I think it's probably a level 2 strain at worst. I may be able to run by early next week.

  3. Twice as long per today's experts .... 48hrs minimum and that does not mean to begin heat at the 25th hour.

  4. Ice
    It is important to apply ice to a pulled leg muscle as soon as possible after suffering the injury. According to the NYU Langone Medical Center, ice makes the blood vessels constrict, reducing inflammation and pain. This can also speed healing time. Ice should be applied for 20 minutes, four times per day, for at least 3 days after the leg muscle is pulled. Heat should not be applied to the pulled muscle at all during the first 5 days. After the leg muscle is healed, heat can be used while warming up the muscle for activity.

    Read more: http://www.livestrong.com/article/251760-treatment-for-a-pulled-leg-muscle/#ixzz1xp41NNUZ