Monday, December 1, 2014

thoughts on upcoming indoor season

It doesn't look like I'll be ready to race at MTSU on Sat.   The ham strain has left me a bit vulnerable, but it's not so bad that I can't workout at 80% on the track, but blasting a 55m race would be risky.   I'm probably too heavy to run a decent 400m right now even though I'm in decent shape.  I'd just hate to go out and do what I did last year at MTSU, go out too fast and die a horrible death in 58.

Too bad I am assigned to walk in the graduation ceremony on 12/13 at MTSU, an incredibly useless waste of time, or I could enter the Friday night meet, at UIndy on 12/12. The DII meet would be perfect for me.   I really wanted to get a meet in this month but it's not going to happen.  It's good to have competitions to work toward for motivation and to measure progress.   We'll see where I am in a month.   I was really hoping to have some fun running some short races.  Maybe in Jan.  As coach Page has said, not getting injured is a top priority.

I don't expect to do more than 4 meets in Jan and Feb., just 4 or 5 for the indoor season.  I'd like to go to Birmingham at least once, and of course my hometown meets in Sewanee.  Still a bit uncertain, that's why I've not posted an indoor schedule yet.

I've sometimes made the comparison between preparing for track meets and concerts.   There are a lot of similarities but one obvious and glaring difference:  with the requisite technical foundation and with the music memorized, I can 'cram' for a concert and get ready in a few short weeks.  Not so in track.  It has to be a long term and cumulative training process.  Athletic training can't be 'crammed'.

Tentative indoor schedule:

2/1 - TSU Ed Temple Classic
2/14 - Sewanee
2/28 - Sewanee

I hope more meets in Birmingham will be posted soon,

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