Monday, December 8, 2014

Indoor Schedule

I have posted on the side bar, my very tentative 2015 Indoor Schedule.  I'm going to try and not go crazy by entering too many meets this college season (...we've heard that before).  Competing every weekend does not provide time for training cycles that would increase the chances of improvement, but I have to balance that with my joy of competing.   Typically, college athletes will do no more than 6 meets in an indoor season so I shouldn't do more than that.  Here's 8 possibilities.

(1/9) - There are some Div I meets earlier in Jan. at the Crossplex, like the UAB Blazer Invite on 1/9, but I don't think I'll enter... (but knowing me.... I might, I have nothing else to do that weekend).  It's expensive too - $50.  Probably not.

(1/16-17) and (1/23-24) These are Vanderbilt Invitational meets.  So far, unattached have not been very welcome but if I get the chance to run on this new indoor Mondo 300m track, I'll do it.

1/25  - My next meet will probably be the Emory Crossplex Invite on 1/25, and it will be the best track I'll run on this season.   They still haven't slated it on Direct Athletics, but hopefully soon.

2/1 - The 200m track at TSU is a bit soft, not the fastest, but the meet is on a Sunday, good day for me.

2/7 - MTSU meet.

2/14  and 2/28 - The Sewanee meets are in my hometown.  The 160m track will never yield a good 400m time, but I may do it for the workout. I could run all 3 sprints in these meets.

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