Sunday, December 21, 2014

Drills, spikes on for some long speed

I spent a lot of time today at the Sewanee track.  It was a little warmer today, mid 40ºs so it felt more comfortable than previous days.  I spent a lot of time on drills.  Did about 10 different drills ... everything from A marches to leaps and bounds.  The so-called "majorette" I found particularly good, really firing the hip flexors and tiring!   I need work on this muscle group.   After a good 20 minutes of form drills, I was sweating.... I rested and was ready to run fast, but not 100%.   So I put the spikes on and did some long quality sprints.  First time in spikes since the meet.
400m warmups, stretches, drills 
and more drills 
Puma spikes on 
400m - 57.5 (27.5/30) 
300m - 42.5 
200m - 27 
3 x 60m
I was happy to beat my goal of 58 in the 400m.  I intended on 28/30 splits but did a slightly better on the front end.   I did some video of my short sprints.   I'd like to increase my knee lift and stride length.  I don't know what I can do about my natural running gait where there seems to be a separation in my thighs at footstrike.  Osafa Powell sort of runs like this too, so I don't know if it's really a bad thing.  More experimenting and study to come, but I know that significant changes aren't likely to happen.  I run the way I run.

It seems that the Vanderbilt Commodore Invitational is open to unattached, at least now, Jan 16-17. No guarantee of entry but I sure would love to run all 3 sprints on that beautiful 300m indoor Mondo.
So, I put it on my tentative schedule.

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