Thursday, December 4, 2014

hell bent on racing this weekend

Because of my ham tweak last Sat, it probably wouldn't be best to do the 60m drag race, but it may be good for me to do a 400m this weekend since I won't have another chance to race for a month.  And ... since my schedule permits a nice long visit to Roya in Louisville, I decided to look for a meet in the area, and I found one.  This Saturday at UIndy's new ARC track, a 200m Mondo.   Its about 100 miles from Louisville.  Although it's not banked, it's a nice track, not as good as Birmingham's Crossplex, but real nice nevertheless.  And, it's a DII - DIII meet which would be better for me at my present state of fitness.   The Univ. of Indianapolis's "Gerry England Alumni Open" is a perfect first meet.... judging by last years results where 7 of 18 400m runners ran over 56, 4 over 58!  5 of 19 in the 200m ran over 25, 3 over 26!  Real slow for a college meet.  Definitely shouldn't finish last.  Hopefully won't end up in lane one which is a killer indoors.

I signed up for all the sprints, 60, 400, 200... but I'll probably scratch the 60.   I could do it because it is first and more than an hour before the 400, but the 200 is just 45m after the 400, which will be tough.

I'd like to run int he 57s.  We'll see.  Heavy and not in the best shape, but it's early.

145.8 lbs. after workout.   Hope to be under 145 by Saturday's meet.

UIndy's ARC

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