Sunday, December 7, 2014

Meet report - Gerry England Open - UIndy

Waking up on Sat., I thought, "damn, I feel good enough to run the 60m."  Last Monday, I thought 'no way'.   No sign of any ham soreness, so, I donned the orange speed suit and made plans to do all 3 sprints (60/400/200) at The University of Indianapolis's Gerry England Open.

Being held up 30min in traffic, arrived just 30 min before race time, warmed up quickly and wow, what a nice track.  Did some full speed bursts, everything felt fine.  I wrapped the ham for protection and let it fly.

60m - 7.75
200m - 25.47
400m - 57.29

60m race
From lane three, felt like I got a good start, could have been leading the race at 10m, but I finished about tied for last in the heat, but not by much.   This is a distance I've raced only 3 times prior in my life, all in the 7.9's.  This was a significant improvement - 7.75.   Wish I had done this at Nationals, would have been good for a medal.

I was definitely the only Masters guy at this meet. The kid on my left in lane 2 and I chatted with, he said, "man, you're putting a lot of pressure on me telling me your age."  He edged me by a few hundredths I think.   This race was pure pleasure, couldn't keep the smile off my face when it was over.  Everything felt great, no strains.  This is the fastest straight race I had run in years.  This is the only race I ran in college and my first love in track, the indoor 60. When I walked back to the finish line to pick up my sweats, a few formerly grim faced coaches smiled and shook my hand, I guess they didn't expect much and were surprised.  I beat only 2 guys overall.

 400m race
I changed out of my tight orange speed suit into my familiar comfortable green tank top for the 400m.  2 guys scratched and it was just 3 of us.  In lane 3, I had a fast guy to chase out in lane 5.  The other guy in lane 2 was extremely slow and I never saw him during the race.  The guy in front won the lead at the break and I stayed behind him by 10m+ the whole race.  I felt I ran a bit conservatively since I wasn't 100% spent at the finish.  Nevertheless, 57.29 was my fastest indoor 400m on a flat track and my best first 400m race of my season in masters.   I was second in my heat and beat 3 overall.

200m race
In the first heat, (I don't know why because it was a fast heat), I had lane 4 of a field of 5  - 2 inside, 2 outside of me.   I hadn't had enough time to recover after the 400m, about 45 min, but I felt OK.  I rewrapped the hamstring to be safe.  I got out good and held my own til the last turn and the guys on the inside came sweeping by me.  I was last in my heat, but beat 4 guys overall.   I really didn't think it would be a fast time, but it turned out that 25.47 was .04 off my indoor PR and my fastest on a flat indoor track.   Surprising since the lack of recovery.  Faster than all 8 indoor 200s I ran last season, ....and I wasn't even rested.

I think the off-season strength program has helped.  I have well over a month before my next race and plenty of time to train, so I'm going to get back to the weights, long and short sprints.  I definitely need work on form.

Best first meet of my masters career, encouraging.  No strains and very little soreness.  Even more remarkable, I ran decent times not in top shape and at least 3 to 4 lbs overweight.

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