Saturday, August 31, 2013

Training and performing - sprinting and music

Sore today from yesterday's strength workout.  Particularly quads and calves.   With my next meet a week from Sunday, I wanted to train this evening - Sat, then Mon, Wed, Fri...  but I may have to tweak that schedule.  Probably Sunday morning then Monday night.

Spending a solitary weekend getting together my first solo guitar concert in over a year.   I was just noticing the striking parallels between training as a musician, and as a 400m sprinter.   Both are similar because the requirements to prepare well are extremely multifaceted.

Both require a baseline ability.
Sprinting - fast twitch muscle fibers and natural foot speed.
Music - manual dexterity and a cognitive expressive ability, sensitivity, and aesthetic sense.

Both require fundamentals.
Sprinting - aerobic foundation, strength foundation, and good stride alignment and technique.
Music - principles of efficient movement, hand alignment, proper sitting position, use of nails.

Both require complex multifaceted training
Sprinting - tempo endurance, speed endurance, power speed, technique, event runs, etc...
Music - technique, slow practice, spot repetition, full run throughs, metronome work

Both required specialized equipment
Sprinting - training shoes, training spikes, racing spikes and accessories, racing tights, warmup suit, starting blocks, training equipment - resistance bands, weights, beeping timer, nutritional supplements
Music - instruments, strings, footstool, metronome, nail kit (scissors, glue, sandpaper, files etc..), scores, music stand, concert attire, travel case 

Both sprinting and music require: 
  • an understanding and appreciation of the culture and history
  • a curiosity to learn and get better
  • a proper warmup
  • a sense of timing, rhythm
  • flexibility and relaxation
  • technique work 
  • trial performances
  • performance experience
  • the ability to present a performance at pre determined time and place 
  • a sustained and persistent commitment
  • being healthy and injury free

I learn a lot about sprinting from music.

I learn a lot about music from sprinting.

Together they make a richer life than one without the other.  The ancient Greeks, founders of the Olympic Games ... certainly agreed.

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  1. Don't know about "pleasing man's spirit", but your performance in both pleases Mom's and My spirit!!! Excelsior!!