Saturday, August 31, 2013

Training and performing - sprinting and music

Sore today from yesterday's strength workout.  Particularly quads and calves.   With my next meet a week from Sunday, I wanted to train this evening - Sat, then Mon, Wed, Fri...  but I may have to tweak that schedule.  Probably Sunday morning then Monday night.

Spending a solitary weekend getting together my first solo guitar concert in over a year.   I was just noticing the striking parallels between training as a musician, and as a 400m sprinter.   Both are similar because the requirements to prepare well are extremely multifaceted.

Both require a baseline ability.
Sprinting - fast twitch muscle fibers and natural foot speed.
Music - manual dexterity and a cognitive expressive ability, sensitivity, and aesthetic sense.

Both require fundamentals.
Sprinting - aerobic foundation, strength foundation, and good stride alignment and technique.
Music - principles of efficient movement, hand alignment, proper sitting position, use of nails.

Both require complex multifaceted training
Sprinting - tempo endurance, speed endurance, power speed, technique, event runs, etc...
Music - technique, slow practice, spot repetition, full run throughs, metronome work

Both required specialized equipment
Sprinting - training shoes, training spikes, racing spikes and accessories, racing tights, warmup suit, starting blocks, training equipment - resistance bands, weights, beeping timer, nutritional supplements
Music - instruments, strings, footstool, metronome, nail kit (scissors, glue, sandpaper, files etc..), scores, music stand, concert attire, travel case 

Both sprinting and music require: 
  • an understanding and appreciation of the culture and history
  • a curiosity to learn and get better
  • a proper warmup
  • a sense of timing, rhythm
  • flexibility and relaxation
  • technique work 
  • trial performances
  • performance experience
  • the ability to present a performance at pre determined time and place 
  • a sustained and persistent commitment
  • being healthy and injury free

I learn a lot about sprinting from music.

I learn a lot about music from sprinting.

Together they make a richer life than one without the other.  The ancient Greeks, founders of the Olympic Games ... certainly agreed.


  1. Don't know about "pleasing man's spirit", but your performance in both pleases Mom's and My spirit!!! Excelsior!!

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