Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Thoughts on weight

After today's colonoscopy, in which I was 100% clean, I had fasted for 2 days, dropped my body fat to near optimum, so it gave me a good baseline for 'lean weight'.

Strangely, before my colonoscopy, I weighed 142.8.   After, 143.8.   I think this was due to the IV hydration and the fact I was dehydrated.  After a meal, I was back up to near 146.   This tells me I have undoubtedly put on some muscle mass.  My previous best race weight was 140-142, now I think it would be 142-144.

Interestingly, the fastest sprinter in the world at the turn of the century was Arthur Duffy (9.6 - 100yds).  He was my same size, but a few lbs lighter, 5'7" 137 lbs.  (I was down to 137 back when I ran 5ks).  My friend Johnny B. is my height but 25 lbs heavier and he has run in the mid 10's 100m in college, and a 10.75 at age 30.

Evening meets are so much better for me to fuel up for.   Last meet went very well because I had 6 - 7 hrs to digest a serving of oatmeal and a piece of toast.   Morning meets are more problematic.  Have to eat the night before and very little in the morning, not the best situation.  Waking up very early to eat doesn't work because sleep is every bit as important as fuel.

We'll have to see what works.

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