Friday, December 19, 2014

Tempo 300s / 200s

Same weather, different day.  Cold, gray, in the 30ºs, kind of like the weather I grew up with in NY.  The Sewanee track was a ghost ship as usual.  I was happy to not be sore after yesterdays resistance workout, which was a bit lighter this time.   I did 4 x 15 squat jumps with 90 lbs, but I only did one set of single leg jumps with 60 lbs, and a set of hip flexors, and ads.   Tonight I'll do abs and more hip flexor work.  I did feel a slight soreness in my right ham and put in on the roller for a bit.

Needed to do some tempo work, has been a while.  Again, too cold to run fast.  Good day to suffer some limited rest intervals.
Saucony Ride trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
4 x 300m w/ 2 min rest - 48, 49, 51, 50 
2 x 200m - 28.5, 28
A good mile of sprints.   I probably should have done one more 300m, as I had done before in similar workouts, but I was whooped.  Those other workouts were done in better weather and in spikes.

I hope to do some indoor speed work at some point before xmas.  When I run full speed 50's and blocks, I think I'm going to wrap to be safe.   Trying to decide if I should do resistance on Sat. or just rest.

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