Sunday, May 4, 2014

World's smallest track meet - updated

No season bests today and a timing fiasco.

I ran an ok 200m, won my heat against M35 and and M40 guys by 20m, but what happened next was beyond belief.   My electronic time (FAT) was 23.84.  I had a brief moment of celebration before reality set in, I knew it couldn't be.  A PR by a whole second?  No way.  My 200s have been very consistent.

The Nashville Masters Classic was an official USATF sanctioned meet, electronically timed by the TN Assoc. President himself, computers, camera, the whole deal   I could have said nothing and walked away with the fastest M50 time in the world this year, but I knew it wasn't right.  I called the timer on my drive home and said, "preserve the data and check it, it's not right.  It would be a world leading time for M50."   I think he wasn't going to check it until I told him it how it would rank.   Sure enough, it wasn't right.  After checking it, he said it was "1.5 seconds fast" ... and I really don't know how it could have been exactly 1.5 seconds off instead of some fraction.  I wonder if they completely screwed up the time and looked me up to see what would be a reasonable and non-controversial time for me ... and then just assigned it.  It 'felt' faster than 25.34... and two younger guys I beat convincingly by 20m (lanes 4 & 5) said they usually run 24 - 25s.

The "questionable" 200m

Anyway... a nominal outing on a less than great track:
400m - 56.36 
200m - 25.34
The TN USATF was obligated to do this meet because they didn't include Masters in their Association meet.  At first there were just 3 of us running, me, Dave S., and a woman.   Then 2 younger guys showed up to run the 200m.  It was nice to have 4 people in a heat.  Can you imagine?   A track meet with 4 competitors.  Dave ran every event - 60, 100, 400, 1500, 800, and the 200.  Most of his races were solo time trials.   Dave S. age 60, is a superior athlete.  He ran a very fast 58.30 400m, top in the world for M60.   He's also run in the 18s in a 5K.  On a side note, Dave previously had been hateful toward me over some political disagreement, but he shined today.  Apologized, shook my hand, was very cordial and positive.  Happy about that.

Weird things can happen at track meets.   FAT time IS fallible.

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  1. You are a gracious and honest competitor, Billy! I'm proud of you...and always will be!