Tuesday, May 20, 2014


20 x up the stadium stairs ... makes a good way to procrastinate cleaning my house.  Also, low impact.

After a weekend of pie, ice cream, popcorn, rice, and bread bread bread....  and eating three full meals a day (like most people), I got up close to 147 lbs.   Ready to swing back to normal.  The grains and sugar give me an acid stomach.  Unhealthy.

After workout - 145 lbs

I'm going to need some new training shoes to protect my ankle if I'm going to do foundation work.  My Saucony Virratas are worn at an angle, very thin on the outside of the shoe putting pressure on the inside of the ankle where it hurts.  Guess that means I'm an under pronator, a supinator.  I like the Virratas, wonder if I should get a new pair or something more cushiony?  The advice for supinators is to go for lightweight, flexible, shoes.    Maybe I should research it more.


  1. Just started reading your sprint blog. Went back to your first post in 2011, and did some skimming as you developed into a 400m specialist. But I'm curious to know your running background. What did you run in HS and college? Did you keep up running all the way to age 50, or did you start again in your 40s? Also, to go along with your body weight, curious to know your height. I ask because I just restarted running, in my very late 40s. Have done a couple 5ks, losing weight, and would like to run a 400m. I'd be sun dial slow, but it is interesting to try. Thanks for the inspiration with your blog.

  2. I say I'm 5' 7" but I'm really a quarter inch less. I was a 100m sprinter in HS. Hated the 400m back then. First competed at age 48 running 5ks. Did it for one season, developed a knee issue and stopped road racing, knee issue went away. Best 5k was 19:36. Started sprinting 55m indoor races, and 100m outdoor. Got injured running the 100m, ran the first 400m of my life in April '11, time: 56.71. Realized this might be a good race for me.

    1. Thank you for the background info. That helps to put what you are doing in perspective. I did some sprints in HS, then nothing until age 48 found myself overweight, wondering if I could run again. Turns out I can, not sure how fast yet, but at least I'm running!