Thursday, May 1, 2014

long sprints

With 2 quad strains this week, I didn't want to do anything fast today.   So, I did a ladder down workout 600, 500, 400 ... splits at about 17, 16, 15 per 100m.

It was an usually cool and quiet evening at the Dean Hayes track on Thursday evening.  62º and a nice sunset.

I wrapped both of my thighs for protection.   Maybe a bit too tight, almost felt like I was running with tourniquets on.
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
Saucony spikes on 
600m - 1:43 
500m - 82 
400m - 62
I took rest in between, walked a 400m.  No strains, not even a hint.  Feel fine, but the ankle sore as usual.  I did some resistance and prehab yesterday and the quads are fixed.   Tomorrow, I'll stretch out and run an 800m.   I should be ready to fly in the "Nashville Masters Classic" on Sat, which will likely be a time trial, possibly running by myself.

I heard from the USATF Masters chair that the meet is definitely on.   I am stunned about this, there are only 10 registered participants!  At least 4 are female, and one guy is a thrower, so just 3 or 4 runners besides myself.   World's smallest track meet!  They also said this would be FAT timed.  The meet is even listed as 'sanctioned' by USATF.   Amazing.   Why are they doing this?  Because I think they have to.   I complained (with no response) that their USATF TN Assoc. meet is not open to Masters.   So, they are doing this out of a sense of obligation, perhaps to satisfy their charter.  Randall agrees.

It usually cost about a grand to contract an outfit for FAT timing.   I'll be really amazed if they have it.   There certainly won't be much time between events so I'll just do the 400m.

I asked Dan S. what he thought of the track at Hunters Lane.   He said it was a "rat hole"... a soft black runner track and not very clean.    Should be interesting.   I didn't hear of this meet until a week ago.  Perhaps this "classic" could be the start of an annual event.

The sun is setting on my season and hopes of any PRs this year.  After this, one more college meet and a possibility for another in Louisville.  That will be the end of the college season for me.

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