Sunday, May 25, 2014

Pursuit of records

Goals are good.  This is what is keeping me in the game for another month.  

The masters KY and TN state meet records I will be pursuing in June are very obtainable for me.

The KY records actually quite modest considering how long they've held up.   The main dilemma is should I risk racing a 100m in KY as my first of 3 races that day?   I'm inclined to do so considering the record should be pretty easy to get, and is ... believe it or not ... 29 years old.  Unlike the TN meet where it goes by how old you are at the end of the year, I think KY takes the age at the time of the meet.  So, I have 2 chances to get the M50 KY records.

These are the KY records for M50:
100m - 12.56  (1985)
200m - 25.87 (1991)
400m - 57.41 (1991)

The meet schedule would permit racing all three events.  100/400/200 is the order, with space in between.  And, the track at Centre College is pretty good.

These are the TN records, a little tougher, especially the 100m.  The high school track where this meet is held is pretty poor.  If there is any headwind, getting the 100m record will be tough on that track.  In 2011, I ran 12.50 into a stiff headwind.  But since my 200m times this season have been way faster than my 2011 season, I should be able to get it.  The great thing about this meet is the scheduling.   400m is in the morning, the 100m is in the evening, and the 200m is the next day.
100m - 12.32 (2004)
200m - 25.7 (1997)
400m - 56.09 (2011 -mine)

I consider the TN records more important because the next set of records for M55 and M60 by the great world champion Jim Mathis are probably untouchable forever.  And, judging by the dates, Jim set the M55 records at age 59 !!  The M55 records are hand timed.

Jim Mathis records
M55 200m - 25.0 (1993)
M60 200m - 25.08 (1994)
M55 400m - 55.0 (1993)
M60 400m - 56.09 (1994)

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