Sunday, May 11, 2014

Georgia Invitational - meet report

It was a serious meet.  The pros were there.   Colleges as far away as Maine were there. Calvin Smith won the 400m in 46.  

It was a disappointing day for me, didn't execute in the 400m, went out too fast and rigged hard in the end.  It was one of those races that was memorable for the suffering, I had nothing afterward. 56.20.  Even so, my second fastest of the season, but a major disappointment... considering I had driven 200+ miles to get there.   Was in the inside lane (3) of 5 runners and I went out with them, a mistake.

Not making excuses, but I didn't sleep well.  Within 15min after the finish of the 400m, I was passed out in the bleachers, asleep.  No plans to run the 200m.  I woke up groggy with my left ham a bit sore and thought, well I might as well.  Then the rain started, torrential downpour.  I wrapped my thigh and started stretching.  By the time I got to the start line, the rain had stopped but my assigned lane one was like a river, standing water.  I persuaded the official it was unsafe so he radioed to the timer and put me in lane two since there were only 3 of us in the heat.  Even though I ran a pretty good turn, I still ran slow at the end, hurtin'  ... my slowest 200m of the season, An embarrassing 25.56.   At least my hamstring held together.  It's sore but not strained or ripped.

Nevertheless, it was great being there and watching Calvin Smith race.  He looked so smooth coming down the stretch.

As I was lining up for the 200m, a kid from Maine said to me, "Without sarcasm and with respect, I want to tell you it's great to see someone your age out here racing."  Nice sentiment, but I guess I look old.  Well, I wasn't the only Master... there was a 33 yr old who ran 51 in the 400m.   Khalid Mulazim was signed up to race but was a no show... that 48 yr old would have kicked some college guy's butts, as he can also run 51 in the 400m.

I really think I can do better.  The funny thing is, when I pace right, it doesn't hurt as much, and I run faster.   Like that 55.9 in Louisville 2 weeks ago, I felt way less tired and was able to run a 25.10 200m an hour later.

Next Friday, I want to try and get into the Louisville twilight meet.  It might be my last chance to run a respectable time before the college season ends.  It would be my 15th meet of the indoor + outdoor seasons, 13th college meet.

I hope to be back out on the track to do some training today, this Sunday evening, since it's a short week before next Friday's race.

Rounding the bend in the 200m - GA Invitational

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