Tuesday, May 6, 2014

split 400s, schedule options, thoughts

On the Sewanee track this beautiful morning, bright sunshine, in the upper 60's.   Very quiet ... the usual Mr. Hawkins, walking his laps.   It's quiet now, and going to be even quieter in the weeks to come when school is over.   Sewanee has nothing going on after mid May until the summer music festival.  

400m warmup, stretches, drills 
Saucony spikes on 
300m - 42.5  / 1 min rest  / 100m - 14.5 
5 min rest 
300m - 43.5 / 1 min rest  / 100m - 14.5 
5 min rest 
300m - 46 / 1 min rest  / 100m - 14.5

You would think that 5 min rest would be enough in between sets, but for 300m+100m at 85-90%, by the third one, I was feelin' it.

Schedule and thoughts
This Saturday's Lee University Meet was cancelled, low # of entries.  So I scrambled to find a replacement.   I contacted Samford U. in Birmingham, AL.  That meet, also cancelled, low # of entries.  Signs that the college season is coming to an end.  The next weekend in Louisville may be too selective to let me in so I started thinking, my college season is over.  But, another possibility was the Georgia Invitational in Athens... a good 3 hr drive from Sewanee.  It didn't require payment up front, so I entered.  Then I start asking myself, is it really worth it?  Chasing this endeavor of racing in college meets to the bitter end?   I entered honest seed times, not PRs, and... the weather is likely going to be rainy, so... should I drive 3 hrs to run a race in lane one or lane nine in the rain against Div 1 athletes?   Part of me thinks, this is why I train... I may not get this opportunity again, go for the gusto.  Then I think, the 400m is always torture, why do I have this need to do it to myself?  Surely, I have better things to do than scamper around a track race in last place, probably in the rain?  Always easier to take the path of least resistance.   I could just hang on the mountain with Roya, watch TV, eat.   But, I ran it by her and she seemed positive, making it an adventure where we would visit her brother in Atlanta and maybe stop for dinner in Chattanooga.   She has been such a trooper, with me at almost every meet, taking video, and even racing in the 100m in one collegiate meet.  Sounds like I've talked myself into it.   We'll see.  Not 100% committed yet.

I'm toying with the idea of racing an 800m at the Music City Distance Carnival, first weekend in June.   I am 100% sure, if I trained as an 800m guy, my 400m would improve.   The WL in my age group is a 2:01 800m guy.   It really is my weakness, the endurance thing.  As I get older and slower, the aerobic element becomes more important.

Shade is scarce, even at 8:30am

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