Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Under an evening full moon at the Dean Hayes track, I did a brief speed workout after dark on Tuesday evening.  It was calm and 71º.  These were 'event runs' at around 400m race pace.
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
saucony spikes on 
2 x 300m - 40, 40.5 
200m - 26.5 
150m - 19
I would have done a few more 150s but my quad was feeling a little vulnerable and my ankle was hurting.

I did the 300s curve-straight-curve from the 400m start, the 200m from the 250 to 350 mark ... wanting  to concentrate on that second turn.  Seems like I used to be able to run a decent turn, now I feel a bit ungainly, especially on that second turn.

My 300s were about 13.5/13/13.5.   I think I need to run the first 200m about 26 to hit the 300m in about 39.5 - 40 sec to give me the best 400m result.   It'll be hard to pace that in a race where everyone else is running the first 200m 2-4 seconds faster, which will be the case this Friday.  I expect to have inside lane as slowest seed,,, that makes it a challenge,

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