Sunday, October 23, 2016

300 event runs / 200s

Spent a lot of time at the track today, running fast under sunny skies and 70º.  In an effort to protect my foot, I did not use blocks or spikes, but I ran as fast as I needed to.

Hoka trainers on 
300m warmup stretches drills 
3 x 300m event runs - 40.5 (26.2/14.3), 40.75 (26.25 / 14.5), 41.5 (26.5 / 15) 
2 x 200m with 1 min rest - 28, 29 
200m - 26.5

I was going to stop at the end of the 300s, but I came back for more and did as much as my foot would allow.  A decent 1500m total volume and most of it fast.

Running a 40.5 split in trainers is where I should be.  I felt more 'lactic' fatigue than aerobic fatigue at 300m.   Still I think it would be 56 pace.  

Feeling a bit tired and beat up, as is normal at the end of a massively long season.  It is a weird time of year to be running outdoor track ... just 6 weeks before the first indoor meets.  US and Europeans are probably in the same boat, while the Aussies and Brazilians are just getting geared up to the start of their season.  It's a weird time for everyone.

I still obsess about maintaining fitness ... even at this late date because the 400m final is still about 2 weeks away.  I'll have 2 more workouts, maybe 3 if I go out tomorrow.  Each one from here on out will taper down.  Probably 2 event runs Tues and one n done on Thurs.  I am really thankful for a lot of free time Monday because Tues is when it starts to get crazy with work and leave prep.

Weight is a nominal 142.1 after workout.

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