Monday, October 3, 2016

Race schedule for Perth World Championships

Finally, the specific schedule for the WMAC in Perth has been released.  My schedule:

  • 1:40 pm, Mon., Oct 31 - 200m Prelims
  • 10:15 am, Tues., Nov. 1 - 200m Semis  /   2:35 pm, - 200m FINAL
  • 1:37 pm, Wed., Nov. 2 - 400m Prelims
  • Thurs., Nov. 3 - off
  • 1:35 pm, Fri., Nov. 4 - 400m Semis
  • 3:30 pm, Sat., Nov. 5 - 400m FINAL
  • Sunday, Nov. 6 - Relays

The good thing is that all my races are on the same new Mondo Super X track in the big stadium.  Wish there was more time between the Semis and Finals of the 200m, but with 4 hrs, I'll be able to go back to my hotel for 2 hrs or so.    I could run relays if I feel ok because my flight leaves 10:30pm Sunday night.   I don't think there will be enough people for a relay.  I doubt if Don M. will hang til Sunday, as he is finished on Tues.  If he did, we could surely win the 4x100.  I might be asked to run in a younger age group like M50 to complete a team. We'll see, but I'm doubtful.

Western Australia Athletic Stadium - Super X Mondo Track


  1. I also see lines of good sized trees bordering the track....Should help with both 'head and tail' wind interference.