Monday, October 10, 2016


I pushed it pretty hard in the pool today, got my heart rate up over 160.

Pool running 
10 x laps w/ 30 sec rest  

Perth weather looks ok except for the wind.  Looks like a very windy place, most days have winds over 10 mph and many are 15+mph.  It seems to rain just one day out of 6 and the dewpoint (humidity) is extremely low for a coastal city.  The stadium is less than 2 miles from the sea.   The temperature is very changeable... 85º high one day, 60º high 2 days later.  So is the wind, no prevailing direction, looks different every day.  If the wind is W, SW, or S ... would mean a tail wind for the 200m.  Stadium homestretch goes from SW to NE.

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