Monday, October 17, 2016

pool closed, so stairmaster

Foot sore today after 2 races yesterday so I wanted to do water running but the pool was closed.   Instead I did 30 min on the Stairmaster.

Stairmaster machine  
30 min - level 16 (of 20) - hill interval program

I was sweating bullets after 12 min and dripping constantly by the end.  Far more than I sweat with a track workout because there is no breeze to evaporate.

This probably wasn't necessary but I wanted to burn some calories today and put more 'foundational hay in the barn.'

Final Workout schedule
I will do just 2 more tempo workouts tomorrow and Friday, then do speed and race modeling / event runs on Sunday (10/23), Tues (25), and Thurs (27) - the day I leave.

Perth Time
Perth is 13 hrs ahead of my local time.
Soon as I get on the plane in Nashville, I'm going to wear a watch that has Perth time.  So... Perth time, I leave Nashville 6:30 am (5:30pm local) Friday to arrive in Perth noontime Saturday.  So, my last workout Thursday morning will be like running late at night Perth time (midnight Thursday night).  I will essentially have 2 1/2 days rest before the 200m prelims.

I received official approval from my employer for leave to compete in both Perth and Daegu in March.  Nice that there is an official policy that provides for leave time for state employees to compete in world athletic competitions.

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