Friday, January 2, 2015

back in TN

Got to the Dean Hayes track at MTSU with an hour of daylight left.   Back from FL, don't know why I left.   It was 45º, damp and dark on a wet track.   Has been 3 days since I did anything but walk so I put some quantity in.   The workout took an unexpected twist.  I did a very brief warmup and hit it, not wanting to run real fast.
Saucony Ride trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
600m - 1:44 
500m - 86
5 x 200m - 28-31
Everything felt fine, glad to be rid of knee pain.

Was planning to the ladder 400, 300, 200 ... but, right after my 500m, some guy was asking me to let his daughter in, so I did.   She was a freshman on the Samford (AL) track team, a pentathlete, sprinter/jumper.   Very well built, blonde, beautiful and cocky.   Apparently, she was on the TN State HS championship 4 x 200m relay.   I chatted with her dad who was a few yrs older than me, and was walking the track with his recent new knee.  He complained MTSU wouldn't offer her any scholarship money so she went to Samford on a full ride.   While she was warming up, I recovered from my long sprints and asked her what her workout was.  She said 8 x 200m (she only did 6).   I asked her how fast, and she said 34ish.  Too slow for me so I asked her if I could run behind her, she said ok.   I counted 4 seconds and took off behind her, passing her at the top of the straight every time.   We walked the 200m in between, chatted.  Afterward, I guess it may have been an imposition to run with her but I enjoyed it anyway, nice to see another athlete on the desolate track.

A decent quantity workout.   Happily, not too heavy.  146.3 after workout (but it's 7 pm and haven't eaten today).


  1. knee pain - cycling was early warning of degenerative changes accelerated by heavy bent knee use, especially weights a plyo's

  2. The knee pain is a worry, and glad it's getting better. Have laid off the plyo and will make the jumps a bit shallower in the future.