Friday, January 16, 2015

Pre meet day

Went to the Murphy Center this evening for a warmup, and a few starts.   I wrapped my thighs for protection and put the spikes on.  The ham still feels some slight soreness but I feel good overall.   Not particularly light but not bad, should be below 145 lbs by race time.

Looking at the heat sheets...

The 60m, my funnest race.  I just hope to survive without injury, time is a crap shoot.  It could be good or bad depending on my start and reaction time.  Unlike the 200 and 400, they put top seeds in every semi heat, so as to weed out the slow guys and allow the fastest to advance to the finals.   So, I get to race against one world class sprinter in my heat, and funny... but Ja'Karyus W. - who has run 6.71, is in the lane next to me in heat one.  It's early in the season but only 11 people in the world have run sub 6.7 so far this yr.

The 400m startlist is daunting.  I seeded myself at 55.90, my indoor PR, and some of the guys I looked up were using their outdoor PRs but even so, there are 25 guys running and 23 of them below 51.  I have the 5 slowest guys in my heat and I think at least 2 of their seed times are ambitious, one is primarily a vaulter, the other a decathlete.  One guy has run a bonefide 51.   My seed time is 3 sec. slower than the next slowest at 52.80.   I'd be happy to run in the 56s for this meet.

The 200m brings guys in the 23-24 second range, so ...even though I'll not be fresh after the 400m, I can chase these guys from the inside lane and not be too far behind... (I hope).

Running in a Div. I meet is a privilege at my age.   Although my first race this season shows I haven't slowed considerably in 4 yrs, I have to think each meet like this one could be my last.  So, a little nervous before this one ... on Vandy's cherished SuperX Mondo track.

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