Thursday, January 15, 2015

unintended tempo

Today is normally an off day but since it the weather was fair, and my ham was a bit tight, I thought I'd go to the track and screw around a bit.   It was upper 30ºs, sunny and dry, felt amazingly good at the Louisville KCD track compared to what I've seen this week.  I ran in t shirt and long tights after warmup.   I wrapped the ham for security.

After an 800m warmup, the KCD  HS lacrosse team showed up at the track.  The coach greeted me and we chatted while the team ran an 800m warmup.    I finished my drill and the team lined up for a 400m run.   I gave 'em the old line, "can you keep up with a 55 yr old man?'   They accepted the challenge.   We took off and I couldn't get my pace timer set so I estimated a 62-64 pace.   At the end of the back stretch, leading most of the pack by a big margin, one kid came storming by me, but he faded and I passed him on the turn and finished in just over 60 (on the coach's watch).   Except for 2 guys, most of the pack finished 10-15 sec behind.  It was hard but not totally exhausting.  Little did I know he was planning on 3 with 90 sec rest.  Since I wasn't planning a workout, I decided to do one more on 90 sec rest.  I was still puffing when we started and still beat the team in a slow 82.

I would have never run the first in 60 if I knew I was going to go again in 90 sec.   Perhaps this was exactly what I needed.  My lungs felt a burn I hadn't felt in a while.   Perhaps it's this type of work I need to do more of.  I was definitely not down for a third 400m.  There were 2 kids who were clinging to the fence and on the verge of heaving who sat out #3 as well.   Anyway, interesting to see how a little group involvement helped me work harder.
Saucony trainers on 
800m warmup, stretches, drills 
2 x 400m w/ 90 sec rest - 60.5, 82 
400m cool down   

I had read that Jeremy Wariner, in his perpetual comeback plans on running an 800m race this season.  Maybe I should too.  He said, “Now that I’m older, my body can’t do quite what I used to in training and competition.”  Sheesh, he's not yet 31.  Michael Johnson ran his WR 43.18 just 18 days before his 32nd birthday.   In the same vain, Nick Symmonds is making his indoor debut running a 3000m, well above his usual distance of 800m.

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