Monday, January 26, 2015

Meet report - Emory Crossplex Invitational

No PRs, but good marks.

55.68 - 400m
25.05 - 200m

I think this proves conclusively that I am ... faster.  Like last weekend at Vanderbilt, these times at the Birmingham Crossplex are faster than anything I ran outdoors all of last yr (F.A.T.).   And ... these races were on a standard 200m indoor track.  Also, these times were considerably faster than my times on this track last yr. (56.69 / 25.48), and at Nationals (56.48 / 25.49) ... even faster than my 55.90 that won the Gold in the indoor M50 USATF Nationals in '12.

It was great to race with some of my masters colleagues.  Four elites from my age group were there.  I fared well, only finishing behind M50 new comer D. Jones in the 400m, who ran a WL 54.80.  Masters and unattached results are listed below the college results here.

This meet was primarily a NCAA Div III meet, with a few Div I and II teams mixed in... much less competitive than last weekend's meet at Vandy.  I won my 200m heat and finished 2nd in my 400m heat.

Drew a good lane: 5.  I thought I might be able to win this heat, so I went out pretty hard and probably made my move a bit too soon on the second turn.  I took the lead at the break, and attacked the turn and stretched out to an 8m lead on the final back stretch, with only 120m to go.  I tightened up a bit on the home stretch and got passed, finished 2nd in the heat.  My 200m split was 26 flat which was ok, a tad fast for indoor.   I probably ran a better tactical race last weekend.   I estimate I lost a half second on the final 50m straight, not a total rig up, but definitely struggling.

UPDATE:  On further analysis of the 400m, my splits per 100 were about: 13/13/14.2/15.5  or 26/29.7 ... so work to do on the end game.  I need to bring that last 200 down one full second +.

Thanks to Sewanee coach Jeff H. for the video and these shots:

1) taking the lead after the break
2) leaving the 2nd turn at about the 230m mark.
3) After the race with the scoreboard and competitors.

I wish I had this on video, since it was the first heat I've won in a college meet.   I also raced fellow masters guy, Paul B. (pic below)  I was a little achy after sitting around so long between races.  But I managed to get out well and not rig up.  Happy to have lane 5 again.  I passed Paul in lane 6 very soon after the start, but he hung in there and finished just 0.19 behind.

Here are some of my masters colleagues that ran the 200m.... I'm the old man of the group:

From left: Tecumseh Peete (44), Sean Burnett (34), William Yelverton (54), Paul Brown (52), Marcus Shute (53).

Brotherhood of Speed

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