Wednesday, January 21, 2015

long stuff

suffering in 'a world of pain'

Beautiful day for some suffering on the Dean Hayes Track at MTSU. Mid to upper 50ºs and sunshine.

Shirtless in January!

I thought about trying for PR 800m today.  I got 600m into it and quit, seeing as I was only at 1:40 and wasn't going to make it.  Went out too fast in 29 for the first 200m.  Wish John W. had come, I would have gutted it out.  I needed a last 200m in 33 to get a 2:13 PR, but I whimped out with no one to push me.  I could really use a coach to bust my balls.

Saucony trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
600m - 1:40 (65/35)
(Split 400) 300m - 41.5 / 1 min rest / 100m - 14
200m - 27.5
That split 400 was killer.  I felt it through my whole body, even in my arms.  It was close to race pace, 90%+ effort.  I should have done 2 or 3 of those instead of that failed 800 (actually a 600).

Feeling still a little sore from resistance last night and even still from the meet.  So glad I fixed my hot tub, an essential piece of training equipment.

Felt a little sluggish today and unfortunately, I have to fast tonight for my yearly bloodwork.   I'll take tomorrow off and do a good workout Fri, starts on Sat, meet on Sun.

I have no expectations but to beat my last year's time on this track of 56.49 and 25.48.  I recognize it won't be possible to run consecutive weekends in a 400m and really improve.  Some coaches have written about the fact that running 400m races every weekend is not conducive to improvement.  I would imagine that's especially true of masters.

I'm as light as I've been all season, 143.4 lbs after workout.

Today's quote:
"For what is each day but a series of conflicts between the right way, and the easy way.   10,000 streams fan out like a river delta before you, each one promising the path of least resistance.   The thing is, you're headed upstream. And when you make that choice and you decide to turn your back on what is comfortable and safe, what some would call common sense, well ... that's DAY ONE.   From there, it only gets tougher, so just make sure this is something you want... because the easy way out will always be there."

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