Sunday, March 2, 2014

tempo-speed on hard pan

With an approaching storm front, Sewanee was cloudy, windy and warm today, low 60sº.   I went to the University track but there was a lacrosse game going on.  So, I headed to the hard St. Andrew's track.

I usually don't workout this hard after a meet, but with Nationals coming up and bad weather tomorrow, I hit the track.

400m warmup, stretches, drills 
Saucony spikes on 
500m - 83 / 2 min rest / 200m - 28.5 
400m - 64 / 2 min rest / 200m - 30 
300m - 45.5 / 2 min rest  / 200m - 32
Over a mile of sprints, it was a bitch and I probably could have done more but my ankle started hurting, due to the hard pan tartan track.

I was a little tight in the groin before the workout, and I know I'll probably be sore tomorrow.  I do need to do some prehab quad work to withstand the coming speed work I'll be doing these next few workouts.  My left quad is absolutely fine today and during the races, but today I felt a slight susceptibility in my right quad.  I wore my protective CWX compression tights to guard against strains.  They are a bit restrictive.  Can't believe I raced in these all through the '11 season.

Wow, March already.  Outdoor season is right around the corner.  Already have a slate of 4 consecutive (college) meet possibilities beginning 3/29.

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