Sunday, March 16, 2014

Masters Indoor Nationals '14 - Day 3

Whew... 7 races in 3 days.   Hams are sore but fortunately no strains or injuries.   What a workout.

Today was a pisser, lost a medal in the 200m by 0.02.   I really thought I got it, but more on that later.

The 200m semis and finals, 4x400m relay made for a tiring day.

200m semis
With Ed P. out, and Mike S., a no-show, there was an opening for a possible medal for me in the 200m.   I had the 3rd fastest qualifying time in the semis - 25.63.   Marcus S. and James L. smoked the rest of us so badly, they were in a class by themselves.  I had Marcus and David N. in my heat.   Marcus easily won and I took second, my time would have won the slow heat.  I knew it would be tougher to make the finals since they only took 6 (instead of 8, like in the 60m).

200m final
Considering my level of soreness and fatigue, I ran a good final.  I was a bit nervous knowing I had a shot at a medal. Previously didn't think I had a chance.  1st and 2nd would be James and Marcus, so it was a race for 3rd.    I had lane 3, and my main competitors for Bronze were Don M. in 6, and David M. in 2.   I never saw David, but I made up the stagger on Don - the 60m champion, on the second turn.  We were virtually even down the stretch.  I leaned hard at the line and was fairly sure I got him.  I leaned so hard, I stumbled and went down, I really wanted it.  But, S-O-L.   I was 25.49, he was 25.47.   It was just 0.01 off my season best in the 200m, pretty good considering it was the 6th race of my weekend.

In Finish Lynx We Trust 
Not to sound like a sore loser, but I watched that video frame by frame a lot.  I can't see how he got me!   Our feet came down together after the line, and my foot was further forward.  I was leaning hard and he wasn't.

I know this is a poor camera angle, but you tell me... who looks like the winner - between lane 3 and 6?    Hmmm?  I wonder.

Anyway, it always seems like I get the wrong end of a close race, 3 freakin' times this meet!  Not to disparage my competitors, they were awesome, especially James Lawson.

I collected another Silver Medal in the 4x400m relay for GPTC.  I ran leadoff and won my leg, handed off after about a 57 sec split. Also got a Silver for the 4x200m relay yesterday, that I also led off.  I was a nice way to and the day.  I was happy to see almost all the most competitive guys race in the 4x400m relays ... Marcus, James, Ian, Winslow, Barnwell, etc... There was a 4x400 WR set in an older age group.   I ended up scoring in 5 events for GPTC.  7 pts individually and 12 in relays.

400m, 5th place: 56.48 - my second fastest indoor 400m but 0.58 off my indoor PR
60m, 5th place: 7.91 - only the 3rd 60m race I've ever run, so a PR
200m, 4th place: 25.49 - .01 off my season PR, 0.06 off my indoor PR

Ifs, ands n' buts...
400m, should've cut off Sunder at the 3rd turn, he would not have passed me and I might have taken the Bronze or at least 4th
60m, could've gone either way between me and Tony, a difference of 0.01
200m, gave it my best shot and lost by 0.02.  The agony of defeat.

It could've been 2 Bronzes and a 4th, but that's the nature of the sport... races lost by inches.

Last but not least
I was very happy to have my dad there with me.  We will remember this weekend for a long time. My dad got to experience the commuter life that I lived as a student riding the 'T' when at Berklee. Wish we had more time.

I was also happy for Maurice and Gerard ... members of the WR 4x800m M70 relay.  Gerard sat next to me on the plane.  I also chatted with many greats. Steve Robbins, M70 sprinter told me he's getting ready to retire from the sport.  Steve holds the WR in the 100m at 12.37 for M65.   Wow.

more later...

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