Thursday, March 27, 2014

Pre race day / World Masters news

Still sick.  I will be good to go in the 200m tomorrow at Vanderbilt, because I won't need my lungs much.   But ... I may scratch the 400m on Sat if my lungs don't clear.

The Vanderbilt Black and Gold Meet doesn't seem as big as it used to be.   Less heats.    Of course, I drew terrible lanes - lane 7 for the 200m, which is ok, but lane 8 for the 400m which is tough.  The 200m race looks like it will be ok.   At least one slow guy in my heat that ran mid 25s indoor.  The weather looks good tomorrow - warm, 70º, forecast for a slight tailwind.

The 400m is a different story.   Everyone (but me) in the heat is 51-53 capable.   Maybe all the more reason to bow out.    Saturday looks worse for the 400m ... mid 50's, possible rain, and strong NW winds, a home-stretch headwind.

I hope I can summon the goods for at least a good 200m and I'll play Sat by ear.   If I emerge uninjured, there's the Centre College Invite in KY the weekend after.  I've been strengthening the upper quad and it feels ok but still vulnerable.

World Masters Indoor Championships
Nick Berra is in the Finals of the M45 800m.  Fellow musician Noland Shaheed is in the M60 800m finals - both with fastest qualifying times.  James Chinn ran a smokin' 25.09 200m in the first round and is in the M55 finals.   Bill Collins and Charles Allie - who both have the fastest qualifying times by ridiculous margins, are in the M60 and M65 200m Finals.  Amazingly, Marcus Shute missed the finals in the M50 200m and ran 25.30 in the semis finishing 7th.   I would imagine he has an injury or something.  I don't know why James Lawson didn't go, he could have walked away with the world championship.  It would have been tough to make the M50 200m finals, slowest qualifier was 25.06 (my exact time outdoors last weekend).

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