Saturday, March 15, 2014

Masters Indoor Nationals '14 - Day 2

I had not raced a flat out drag race 55/60m in 2 years.   It definitely takes practice, a whole different bag than the 200/400m, or even the 100m.  (If I worked on this race, I'm sure I could improve).

I did OK.  I qualified for the finals by the skin of my teeth (7th fastest of 8) and ended up:

5th Place - 7.91

The finals were a slight improvement from my semi heat (7.94) where I got smoked, finished 4th in the fastest heat.   In the finals, I was just 0.01 from 4th.   Tony D. seems to nip me in these short races, like at Penn where he got me by 0.03, if I recall.   Tony got 4th by and was pissed since he ran faster in the semis.  We were at least a tenth or 2 behind the 'medal pack'.

I'm not used to racing, or even running on consecutive days.  I was a bit sore to start the day from yesterday's 400m, and wasn't expecting much in the 60m... but I'm glad I ran it without injury.   I ended up leading off the GPTC 4 x 200m relay team.   I think we ended up with a Silver or Bronze, but ... relay medals are meaningless to me.

I'm amazed at how tired I am, and tomorrow will be the toughest day if I can qualify for the 200m finals.  I'll be ending the day by running a 400m for the GPTC 4x400m team.   Racing 3 times in one day (even two 60s + a 200), separated by 2+ hrs, it's necessary to go through warmups 3 times, and that is tiring in itself.   Glad I'm in shape.

Saw some wonderful performances today.  M80 miler broke a 25 yr old WR, I think he ran 6:42. There were many others that I'm too tired to list now, perhaps later.  I was disappointed that Bill Collins didn't come to race Oscar Peyton, that would have been a great duel.   So far, no sign of Mike S.  Maybe he'll come tomorrow.

It'll be harder to qualify for the finals of the 200m because they only take 6.  We'll see...  hope I have enough left.

Photo from near the end of the M50 60m Final.

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