Tuesday, March 4, 2014

tempo 400s

Cold and cloudy, about 35º at Sewanee's Coughlan track today.   Too cold to do speed work so I opted for the usual tempo endurance workout and then some.  A little tight from yesterday's resistance, but everything felt ok.  I was surprised to see a lacrosse team on the field practicing this morning.   After hearing the coach bit vehemently at the team, I realized it wasn't Sewanee's team but a visiting team from up north.  There were 2 women training on the track so thankfully, I was able to work out.

400m warmup, stretches, drills 
Saucony spikes on 
4 x 400m w/ 2 min rest - 68.5, 69, 73, 79 
300m - 45
I'm going to up the resistance this week, especially on the quads and hopefully do one more hard workout Thurs. before heading to FL.  In FL my dad found me a track for a Sat and Monday workout.  It'll be warm down there so I can do quality speed work. I'm going to try to do one last light workout in Tampa on Wed 3/12 before leaving for Nationals in Boston.

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