Saturday, March 1, 2014

Meet Report - Sewanee Indoor Invitational

It went OK.   Went out very aggressively in the 400m and paid at the end.   Not enough recovery time between races, less than an hour.  Meet ran more than a half hour ahead of schedule.  Short of goal, but not by much.  Better than last time.  The 400m was very exhausting because of the way I ran it, left very little for the 200m.  It was a good workout.  Managed to beat a few guys in both races.

400m - 57.88
200m - 26.22

Slow heat with 2 Sewanee guys.  I really wasn't very patient, I was fairly sure I could win this heat.  Went out fast but failed to stay relaxed in the end.  Was totally hellbent on leading this race from the break to the end.   But I did expend too much and was ok until the last 60m or so when I started rigging and got passed right at then end. The kid that beat me was an 18 - 19 yr  old freshman, I could be his grandfather.  The kid that finished last was a 100m guy who apparently hadn't trained for the event.  Gotta respect the sport.  He surely suffered and was left far behind.

Was too fatigued to run a good 200m, although it was about the same as last time.   I had lane one.... the worst.  I got to race Don Drummond, he smoked me by a second and a half.   I did beat one Sewanee kid in my heat and 2 overall.  Poor kid.

The best thing is that I feel completely healthy and I expect to be able to train tomorrow.  I want to start busting butt for Nationals and keep a Sun, Tues, Thurs workout schedule before I leave and on vacation, hopefully a Sat., Mon, Wed. schedule in FL.

It's tough to sprint on that 160m track... a 400m is 5 turns.  I set up a video cam before I raced on turn 1 (3, 5).

Here it is in sequence.  Turns 1, 3, 5

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