Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Back to it...

Saving my legs a bit today and working in the pool.   Thanks Tony for the valuable suggestion.   I may do this regularly to avoid beating myself up during this, the beginning of a long outdoor season.

Still sore in the hams and quads... after 7 weekend races: 2x400m, 3x200m, and 2x60m.  A lot of all out sprints.   Since I didn't get injured, I think it will benefit me and because of my schedule, my weekend races will be my speed work training.   Coach Page once said the best training is racing, but it could have some diminishing returns if I become a racing fool like in previous years.

In the pool today with the belt, I was reminded that this workout could be as hard as I want it to be.  I went easy for the first minute, sprint the second minute, but not all out.  My heart rate stayed well below 140.
Aqua running - MTSU Pool 
10 x 2 min with 1 min rest in between
It was good to get it done and I'll concentrate on core stuff until I hit the track on Thurs.  Hopefully, the soreness will be gone by then.

I've updated my 2014 outdoor track schedule.   It's on the sidebar.


  1. Nice work out there. And I do mean Work. Your schedule sounds like a regular T&F boot camp. Getting in the pool is a great idea. Nick B swears by it.


  2. Nice meet, Bill. It was very competitive in M50, and it would be difficult for anyone to give up 4 years to James Lawson (which you had to do) and still beat him. He's out of UC-Davis (University of California at Davis), but he told me he was more of a football guy than a track man at that time. Regardless, he's 4 years younger. Marcus Shute and the others, of course, are tough as well.

    I was very happy for Dianne DeOliveira, who ran for Middle Tennessee State, as she turned in a 2:23.85 at age 43 to win the 800. You, she, James L, Marcus S, and many others contributed to making the meet a success.

    Peter L. Taylor

  3. Peter, your contribution is, as always, PRICELESS!!!! Keep on, keeping on.
    Bill's Dad, Bill Sr.

  4. Peter,
    I hope I'll see you next yr at the outdoor Nationals when I make my M55 debut.
    Thanks again for your contributions to Masters Track. Wouldn't be the same with you.

  5. Thank you, Bill Sr. and the younger Bill. I never announced a masters nationals until 1996, when I announced the US indoor masters in Greensboro, NC. Ironically, I had already announced a world masters, that one being the 1995 worlds in Buffalo. Of course, I was already an experienced announcer in 1995 and had been recommended to the worlds committee by the editor of National Masters News (because of my announcing in meets other than nationals).

    From 1996 through the present I have announced 19 masters indoors and, I believe, 12 outdoors. The outdoors is always more uncertain than the indoors, as it moves around all the time and if the meet management is not interested in me, that finishes that. We will see whether there is any interest in the Jacksonville (2015) meet management in having me announce there.

    Interestingly, although I announced the legendary Irene Obera in the 1995 worlds in Buffalo, I did not get to announce her in Sacramento worlds in 2011, as meet management was very much opposed to my announcing at Sacramento. Oh, well. The preferences of meet management are the key.

    Peter L. Taylor