Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Still sick.   One of the worst colds in memory but hopefully not getting worse.  Bad timing...  I was hoping for a chance at some good times this weekend but not feeling 100%.    My wheels seem ok, no sign of the quad strain and I'll do some further strengthening tonight.

Did 300s at near race pace today with recovery.

Winter's last gasp today... cold, about 38º in bright sunshine at the Dean Hayes track.  Glad I wasn't out yesterday... even colder with snow squalls.
400m warmup on grass, stretches, drills 
Saucony spikes on 
3 x 300m - 41.5, 42.5, 43
When the wind died down, I was able to run in my T.  I'm taking everything I can for the cold, Airborne, juice, aspirin, decongestant.   Still was wheezing during my runs.  The congestion is deep and hard to clear.

The meet this weekend is important because: 1) it is local - Nashville, 2) it is a 2 day meet, 200m on Friday, 400m on Sat., 3) It's a fast Mondo track.  Probably the best track I'll race on this year.  So that's why I continue to train despite my sickness.

The weather is forecast to be warm and rainy on Friday.  There will be a stiff tail wind that will shift to a head wind at some point during the day.  Hopefully, the wind shift won't come at the wrong time.  Last year, there were no 200s over 25, and no 400s over 55, so... I'll probably get a slow lane and heat.  Probably finish last.

Taking much of the day off to rest.

World Masters News
Bill Collins M63 smoked the field to win the M60 60m World Championship in 7.52 ... beating the next fastest by .41 sec.   His time would have won the M55 and even taken Bronze in M50!  Charles Allie won M65 60m in 8.00, but he had competition, just .06 ahead of second.

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