Saturday, March 22, 2014

Berea College Invite - Meet report

It wasn't too bad of an outdoor debut.  Great day for a meet, mostly cloudy, dry, 59º.

I can say fairly definitively I haven't yet begun to lose a lot of speed from my 2012 Gold n' Silver season.   The 200m was better than the 400m today ... in the 400, went out a bit too fast and paid.  But my 200m race was in my top 5 times, even running just an hour after the 400m, on not such a great track, and into a slight headwind, and from lane 2.

400m - 56.25
200m - 25.06

I did finish last in the 400m (not by much), but managed to beat 2 guys in the 200m.  Surprisingly, it was much more competitive than previous years.

My friend Roya made her track and field debut ... racing the 100m in 16. It took a lot of courage for her to do this and I'm very proud of her, never having used starting blocks or spikes before yesterday. She looks like a pro here in lane one.   Bravo!


  1. Great beginning Roya!!!! You will only get better but remember, it's all about FUN!!!

    1. Thank you for your support. You are kind. looking back it was quite fun and I am glad I did it. Hope you are doing great.