Friday, March 28, 2014

Meet report - Vanderbilt Black n' Gold

Disappointing 200m race, but not terrible.

Still sick with terrible congestion, runny nose.   I don't think I'll race the 400m tomorrow but you never know... maybe I'll do it for the workout.  Felt unusually tired today after the 200m.  Not feeling super strong.    

From lane 7, the starter seemed to hold a bit long and I twitched, I guess lucky to not get called.  It wasn't a great start but I felt like I was carrying decent speed into the straight.   I did fade a bit and got passed by two guys at the end, finishing last in my heat, the next slowest was just .10 ahead of me, running the same time I ran last weekend.  So, I didn't feel too out of my league ... (even though I was.  The winner in the fast heat ran 20.90).  

They tagged spikes today so I couldn't use my favorite Pumas with xmas tree spikes, like last weekend.
Considering this time was faster than I ran at Nationals in '11,  I guess I'm ok with it.  My illness and the craziness of the day didn't help.   (I was getting some badly needed sleep this afternoon when I was awoken out of a dead sleep by a friend who was broken down on the highway, and I had to spend the last hours before the leaving for the meet hunting down an auto part and delivering it to him down the highway, and then arranging for a AAA tow when the part didn't fit).

One good thing... no injuries, my wheels are fit!    I was utterly amazed at how effective a simple wrap high over the upper thigh alleviated any issues or strains.   It completely took away the slight tinge of vulnerability and pain I felt, and it was perfectly fine through the race.   Compression works!

We'll see about tomorrow.   It would be hard to do it without full lung capacity.  I can't believe how nasty this cold is and how long it is hanging on.  

I always enjoy racing, just a bad time to be sick.

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