Monday, March 3, 2014


At the Fowler Center in Sewanee for a resistance workout.  I was happy to see they had a Cybex rotary hip/glute machine.  I did some prehab on my upper quad, single leg step jumps with 50 lbs. 3x12, some dead lifts, abs and some upper body.

I don't understand why the Cybex glute machine only had a weight stack of 150lbs?   I added 10 lbs to it and did the stack 2 x 35.  Wish it had 200 lbs.

Tried to run a strider around the indoor 160m track but stopped after one lap with a little ankle pain.  Expect to be out on the outdoor track tomorrow and need to save my ankle for that.   It's going to be rough.  I feel like I need a wicked tempo workout, it will be too cold to do speed tomorrow, probably about freezing.

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