Friday, January 18, 2013

Xrays - out for an additional 9+ weeks

I never imagined this could happen.   I've been working hard since October.  My track season is in the shitter.

Xrays today showed no significant healing, although these xrays are weight bearing where the previous were not, so a side by side comparison is not totally valid.  There is a 3mm gap in the bone when seen from weight bearing lateral view.  The doc says it's not uncommon for these breakes to get worse before they get better but since the pain has subsided, I was hoping for a better result.  However, it looks worse, not better.

I was pretty devastated by the news that I will NOT be running in the indoor season AT ALL.   Dr. Willers says it takes 12-16 weeks.   It's just been 3 weeks.   Best case scenario, I might be able to get a meet in by mid-April...  if I'm lucky - the end of the local college outdoor track season.

Dr. W also said that if it were really important to me to run asap, he could have put a screw in it if I came to him on "day one."  I asked what about  a screw now, he said he was on the fence about it.  It would have to be done immediately and all healing up to now would be erased.  I don't think there is much to be gained by adding a screw at this point.

LEFT- non weight bearing 12/31;  RIGHT - weight bearing 1/18

I talked James Chinn, a vet of many national and world masters championships, he basically said I just need to adjust my expectations and hope maybe to get a few meets in by summer.

Doctor's orders are that I wear the immobilizer walking boot and see him again in 3 weeks.  This boot is going to be a bitch.   They are sized small, medium, etc... the small is size 5.5 -7.   The medium is size 7 - 10.5.  So, what size do I get?  I went with a medium and now thinking I should have gone with a small.   Anyway, the same exact boot Elite Sports Medicine was trying to sell me for $275, I found on Amazon for $58.  I will have it by tomorrow.  It's like a ski boot.  Can't drive with it on, have to carry it with me on my cycle when I drive to work.

This is going to suck.

UPDATE:  I wasted $20 in shipping charges.  I've decided to get the low rise Ossur Rebound Air Walker.  I received the high top air walker today and it's just too big.

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