Monday, January 14, 2013

New trainer: Concept 2 rowing

My first go at it, not knowing the machine, the correct form, or anything else ... I did 3 sets.  After I noticed the first set, the drag setting was 1, I experimented and tried 3, then 5.

It was a good workout.   I was feelin it in the glutes.  Already feeling a little pain in my left lat, hope I didn't strain something.
Concept 2 pm4 rowing machine
3 x 2000m  - 9:01, 8:25, 8:45
Didn't go hard the whole way.   I sprinted the last 200m or so.  My avg  stroke rate was 38.  I got the best result with the drag setting at 3.

I'm a bit heavy.... 144.0 but have a fast coming up on Tues and Wed for my blood work.


  1. Maybe overdid it a little. Get someone to video tape you from the side or watch in the mirror. keep drag setting low, stroke rate is also high. try not to go over stroke rate of 33 or so..remember to wear work out gloves to prevent blisters..joe

  2. also, set up a online log book on concept II website