Tuesday, January 22, 2013

blood work and cold weather, surgical options

Went to the MTSU rec center to swim today, not a single available parking spot ... but plenty for motorcycles.  I went home and didn't want to go back to swim on this coldest day of the year on my bike.   So, I cancelled today and will do resistance tonight at home.  I should be able to do more resistance stuff with my new protective walking boot - 25 days since the broken foot.   It seems ridiculous that I shouldn't be able to row.  I may go over there and see if the boot will fit in those stirrups.

Annual blood work
Since my break from track training I've let my diet slip.   Eating bread and butter and bad stuff.   Since I have genetically high cholesterol, I have to eat like a rabbit and train like a gym rat to be close to optimum levels.  Predictably, my lipids have regressed - likely due in part to 3 weeks away from the track.   My LDL -  bad cholesterol made the biggest jump - from 99 a year ago to 135.  Total cholesterol 190 - up from last yrs 175.  Good cholesterol HDL remains unchanged at 49.  Blood pressure a nominal 124/74, pulse 62.  At least my PSA went down to 1.3.

I NEED to clean up my diet.  Been depressed and binging on bread and preserves.

I need to stop being obsessive about losing fitness.  I do miss the track, and it has affected my feeling of well-being.     Just hope that the xrays on 2/8 show some progress.

I've decided against surgery on my foot because I'd rather let it heal naturally, however, Elite Sport group sent me an estimate and would charge me a very reasonable $400 and change plus 10% of the anesthesia and facility fee.  It would probably cost less than $2K out of pocket but I'm going to only do that if absolutely necessary.   They use permanent metal screws, not absorbable screws for this procedure, all the more reason not to do it.  Surgeons like to cut and even this sugeon is not convinced it is necessary.  He said he was 'on the fence' about it.

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