Monday, January 7, 2013

In the MTSU pool

I guess it should not be a surprise that at the MTSU pool, water running belts were not only available, but were laying on 2 racks at both ends of the pool.   The MTSU pool was 5º cooler than Sewanee's pool.   I adjusted to he 79º water.  Surprisingly, MTSU does not have a swim team, Sewanee does.

Today, I modified my technique so as to be running more upright with less forward lean.   My neck was stiff from too much forward lean in previous sessions.  Very slow progress through the water... 2 min for 25 meters.

Still felt the squats that I did 3 days ago in Sewanee.
 Aqua jogger belt on
2 min warmup 
5 x 2:00 min at 120 steps/min 
6 x 2:00 min at 120+ steps/min 
1 min rest in between all

Fellow runners, Tony DiSalvo, Nick Berra, and John Woodman have all told me that this is really a great regime and I will not lose much fitness if I keep at it.

Not much difference in the foot.   Seems to be healing slowly.   It's only been 9 days.   I should be able to bike in a week.   Maybe Concept 2 rowing as well.

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  1. you can bike now if you set the seat lower and have only the heel on the pedal (very forward)