Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Moving forward - goals and activities

This broken foot is new territory for me.  I can hobble about in my padded hiking boots with almost no pain but I have to keep the weight off the outside of my foot.  Before I came to the mountain Sunday morning, I had no idea how bad this might be.  I even brought my spikes and gear to train thinking it might be something as minor as a sprain. But no, by Monday, it still hurt so I got the xray, and the bad news.

I had wondered what would be better, a hard cast or soft walking boot.  A small published study (60 cases) indicated a better result with a soft dressing (boot) as opposed to a cast, and gives me an idea of how long it will take to heal:

"healing was present in all patients by 65 days with 44 days representing the average elapsed time for such change. All patients returned to full weightbearing and full physical activity within 96 days. Significantly, the average length of recuperation for patients treated with a soft (jones) dressing was 33 days as compared to 46 days for those treated with a short leg cast. Also, the average modified foot score for patients treated in a soft dressing was 92 (excellent) compared to 86 (good) for patients treated in a short leg cast. We conclude that a soft dressing allows patients to return to pre-injury levels of activity faster than when treated in a short leg cast and without compromising clinical or radiographic union of avulsion fractures of the base of the fifth metatarsal."

I have an appointment with Dr. Jeff Willers at the Elite Sports Medicine Group on 1/18 (20 days after injury) to evaluate the healing process and get recommendations.  Willers is the foot specialist in the group.

Also, I've added Caltrate and D-3 supplements to my glucosamine and biotin.   My yearly physical is coming up so, on suggestion from the physician in Sewanee (where I had my xrays), I may ask for a testoterone and bone density tests.

So, the average healing time for a soft boot was 33 days.  Based on that, I think I may be able to run on grass by at least 45 days - or Feb 12, full scale training on the track by 60 days - Feb. 27.  I just might be able to make Indoor Nationals but doubt I'll be able to be competitive.

God, I hate sitting on my butt.  How did I become a guitarist?   Today, I am joining the Fowler Rec Center in Sewanee so I can swim and continue to do non-track training.  Swimming laps is boring to me but I'll try it again.  Maybe I can do other things like rowing, I'll see.

UPDATE:   My friend John W an 800m guy, suggested water running, actual deep-water upright running with floatation vest.  Feet don't touch the floor.  Looks promising. Also looks pretty weird.. like a person who doesn't know how to swim.

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