Monday, January 28, 2013

Sewanee pool sprints

This past week it's been every third day in the pool.  Yesterday, Sunday... I did a brief workout at the Sewanee pool.  I really really didn't want to go on this cold day, but I did.  After a 2:00 one lap warm up, I did 30 sec sprints.   Kind of felt like running 200s.

Aqua jogger belt on 
2:00 min warmup 
7 x 30 sec sprints - 152-160 steps per min pace 
45 sec rest between
It kept my heart rate near or above 140 the whole time.  It was a short intense workout, was in the pool only about 30 min and I did some swimming as well.  I also hung around and watched the Sewanee v. Hendrix basketball game.

Next week is the meet here in Sewanee.  Hope to see Don and maybe Ken from Atlanta.

Missing this season sucks.  I sometimes fear my foot won't heal properly.

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