Sunday, January 13, 2013

I can bike

The leg pump from biking is every bit as good as running stadium stairs.   I'm happy to be able to bike and it doesn't hurt to push pedals from the ball of my foot under my big toe.  In fact, I think it's good rehab for the peroneus tendon.

69º and windy with an approaching storm and cold front in my neighborhood of Murfreesboro.

On the bike
1 mile warm up 
3 x 3 miles 
I didn't know what pace so I tried 3 min miles.  I was only able to get under 3 min for one mile.   The nature of this exercise is that the leg burn comes before the lung burn, especially when my butt is off the seat and I'm pumping hard.   That position I usually only maintain for about 1/4 mile before sitting down with fatigue.  Anyway, I think this could replace the pool.. it seems like it could be a bitchin' workout.   I guess I probably should get a helmet if I keep doing this.   My bike pump just broke so I need one of those too.

Followup with foot specialist on Fri 1/18.


  1. keep your cadence at 90 or more RPM to reduce stress on knees. good luck. joe