Monday, April 10, 2017

speed - long sprints

75º and hazy sun at the Sewanee track.  Small breeze.  Feeling like it's getting near to the end of the season.  Takes a good long time to get warmed up.  
Hoka trainers on 
400m warmup, stretches, drills 
4 x 80m accelerations  
300m - 41.25 
Puma spikes on 
300m - 40.25 
150m - 19
The last 2 sprints I ran with the Sewanee guys.   All sprints were hard.  I'm surprised I ran 41 in trainers on my first 300.  I guess I'm still in decent 400m shape, but after the beating I took last weekend, I'm just going to run the 200m on Friday.  If Sewanee had a faster track, I might go for the 400m, but this is about the slowest collegiate track I've run on.  I've never broken 25 in a 200m here.  
This will be my last meet before Penn.  Likely my last 200m of the outdoor season before I take a break after Penn.   I'm expecting I'll start training for Nationals by the end of May - take about 3+ weeks off from running.

144.4 lbs after workout, which is good considering I was 149.5 last night before bed.

Weights and prehab tonight.

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