Monday, April 17, 2017

200 tempo / hills

After 2 days off, 'the machinery' was a bit stiff, but I got it loosened up in the warm Sewanee afternoon.   Mid 70ºs and occasional thunder and a breeze.
Hoka trainers on 
350m warmup, stretches, drills 
4 x 200m w/ 1 min rest - 30.5, 29.5, 30.5, 29 
8 x 100m hill sprints ~ 17.5
Slightly slower than last time, but not slow for the 200 tempo, avg. just under 30.  The 100m hills were run at 90-95% with a generous rest in between.   Most were under 18, which is fast for 100m up such a steep hill.

I may do weights tonight, or maybe will wait til tomorrow.

144.2 after workout.


  1. Had to tell ya that I had this extremely vivid dream last night that you were vaulting indoors and you jumped 15'9" and went to 16' and and I woke up before your last attempt. The last thing I remember was that you ran through on your first attempt. It was SO vivid that I can remember recommending that you 'inch your left hand closer to your top hand' for your last two attempts at 16'. I even can remember your competitors attempts at both 15'9" and 16' feet. Typically I don't dream that real....but had to tell you about it. I wonder if you ever ended up making 16?

  2. I've never dreamed of pole vaulting. Rarely dream of track either, interestingly.

  3. I dream of both of you.....Tom vaulting, Billy running, Me 'watching and screaming'!!