Friday, April 14, 2017

Meet report - Sewanee Mountain Laurel Invitational

200m - 24.84

This was a really good meet for me.  Finished 4th of 8 in my heat from lane 2 on this slow Sewanee track.   It was my fastest 200m on this track by .34 sec.   This has set me up nicely for the Penn Relay masters 100m.   On a good day, I think I could break 12, or run at least 12 low.   No fear of injury now, I'm good to go and have 2 weeks to train.

Thankfully, they reseeded the 200m so instead of lane 1, I got lane 2, a little better.   I had a guy from Rheinhardt just to my outside in 3 who I'd beaten before in the 400m, so he was my target.   I got a good start, and I made up the stagger on lane 3 almost immediately, I mean in less than 20m.   I really went out fast as was just behind the leader at the top of the straight.   I tried to relax but tightened a bit right toward the end.  Overall, it went very well.   I beat 4 guys in my heat, that's always nice.

As a mid pack runner in a DIII college meet, just one of the boys ...  this was the second fastest time in the world for my age group in the 200m.   (It may have been the fastest ... as the authenticity of the #1 time is dubious, highly suspect).


  1. Excellent run, William. You've held your peak for quite some time now!