Sunday, April 30, 2017

Penn Relays 2017 - meet report #1

UPDATE:   I won the Silver - confirmed  12.25

Fake News:
I did not win the Penn Relays M55 100m !!
The results on the website and the scoreboard were WRONG. Don won. I still am not sure whether I took second or third.  The video is from behind so it's hard to see, but it sure looks like Silver.  So, my time was 12.25 or 12.26.  Well short of my goal of 12 flat.

I was generally tired and not feeling 100% through this whole meet.  A cumulative affect of training since Dec., and working toward an ultimate season goal over a month ago in Korea.   Hard to maintain fitness for such a long period, especially in the 400m.  So, probably 'past peak' for this meet although I had hopes that I'd do better than I did in the 100m.   By the time my 3rd race came about, the M50 4x400m, I was toast.  It was a bit painful to walk through the airport the next morning.

Time for a significant break from running.

100m race
The cruel irony is the misreported fake result was exactly the real result I was hoping for.  After the race, I knew I hadn't won, Don had a step and a half on me, I saw my name on the scoreboard along side a time of 11.97... which was wrong but for about 5 min, I thought I had done it.  It was a terrible situation for both me and Don.  Don couldn't collect his medal, but I think that got straightened out by the end of the day, and I had to explain to everyone who congratulated me that I did not win!  At least 4 people emailed me about the result and I had to explain it was fake news.  The PA announcer called it right so anyone who was paying attention to the race would know Don won.

I got a nominal start, and since they were using college rules, 'one and done' ... I did not try to anticipate the gun.  It was an interesting study and comparison, especially since I lined up next to Don.  He also uses a 'bunch start'... quite similar to mine.  My reaction was about the same as his but my first step was the farthest and my blocks were closest:
Me in 6 (red shorts blue top) Don next to me in 5

Here is the race at about 60m.   Don has a step on me and Tony and Eugene next to him are close:

Here is the photo 10m before the end.  I think I took second, not third.  It would be nice to see the finish photo.  Anyway, me Tony and Eugene (I think) were all very close - 12.25, 12.27.

The Penn Relays experience was a good one, especially because my dad was there on his birthday weekend.  He got to meet many of my GPTC teammates.  We went out afterward.

I'll post more in the days to come about Penn, and other stuff... we took a Silver in the 4x400m, but I  wanted to get this correction on the M55 100m race out there.  It is still wrong on the website as of today.

Congrats to Don, nice to run with a World Champion in his race.  Maybe I should train for the 100m?

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