Thursday, April 13, 2017

Pre meet day

Nothing doing today except hot tub, roller, and stretch.   Sewanee's meet tomorrow night looks great except for a slight head wind for the 200m.   Otherwise, warm, dry, 75º.

I'm just running the 200m and being 24th ranked out of 28 on the start list means I may get lane one in heat 3 - where I will be the slowest person in the worst lane.   That sucks, but this meet is just an exercise to get me ready for the Penn 100m.   I've never run under 25 on this slow track so it's not like I'd get a PR anyway, even with a good lane.

The 200m at Sewanee's twilight meet is really cool because it goes down right around sunset, and if the meet runs long (as it may because it is bigger this yr), we'll start in the dark.   The stadium lights only cover the field, so the corner of the track at the 200m start is in semi darkness.   It feels really good to sprint from the dark into the light.  As a kid, I remember sprinting at night across grass in bare feet.   Felt like I was literally flying.  I was really fast.

If I get stuck in lane one, maybe I can get the timer to move me to the slow heat... better lane and I could possibly win the heat.  I don't know this timer so I doubt he'll do it... (like Phil always does when I race at Berry).   If he was smart, he'd make 4 heats of 7 and not use lane 1.

Low expectations.  I'm really quite heavy, 148 lbs.  Ate some rice yesterday with Thai food.   Rice is almost like instant weight gain for me.  


I'm feeling an itch... like I should race more.   I'm in shape and feel like taking a break will waste all this training.  But, I know.... I really need a break.  I've been on the track 65 days of the first 113 days of this year... and that's not counting gym work.   There are 2 local meets in May I could run in Nashville, but I'm hell bent on taking most of May off... particularly considering that the Nationals are in mid July and the North, Central American and Caribbean Championships have just been rescheduled for Toronto 4 weeks AFTER Nationals.   That means a long season.   I'll be burnin' the Sewanee track in total solitude this summer.


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