Saturday, April 8, 2017

Meet report - Berry Field Days

Nothing gained here for me today.   Great day for a meet but it was early and with the time zone change, I got a late start, the meet was running ahead of schedule, so I had about 40 min to get ready once I got there.

I ran the 400m and it was one of those that wasn't well executed, and I suffered greatly.
In lane 7, with no one to my outside, I went out very hard and saw no one til the mid point of the final turn.   I was in second hitting the home stretch in a heat of 6.   I started losing time and fully rigged up in the last 20m.  Four! people passed me in he last 50m, I finished 5th of 6.   Afterward, I felt terrible, sick.  It took me 30 min at least to recover where I could just feel normal.   Too bad, wasted opportunity.   You'd think I'd have learned, but I was just sort of doing what I did in Korea, and I came within a tenth of a PR.   It was a risk that failed.  Also, I ate too soon before the meet, less than 4 hrs, that too was a mistake, even though it was just 2 pieces of toast.

On the positive side, no sign of trouble at all from the ham.  It was also nice to see fellow masters Emma, Sean, and Tecumseh there.  

I think I'll do just the 200m next Friday in Sewanee.   My main focus of prep and training is getting ready for the Masters 100m at Penn.  That will require a lot of prehab, strength training, and speed work.

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